Predestination: In Loving Memory of Vivien J. Lim

Posted on September 30, 2015

A book containing Vivien's artwork, compiled by her family in loving memory of Vivien's life. You can download it here:

Preface by Eva Lim:

I was inspired to create this book because I want Vivien to be remembered as someone who loved so much about art and science. She enjoyed painting, calligraphy, writing, computer graphics, ceramic making, photography,knitting, and needlework—all of which she was so good at. She also had an interest in the sciences, namely human factors engineering and architecture. Vivien was most fascinated by the point where art meets science. She was evidence contrary to the popular belief that an artist cannot also be a scientist, and vice versa. At Tufts University, she majored in human factors engineering, and in the last few months before her passing, she took a summer course in architecture at Harvard University. It was at this time she realized architecture was her passion and that human factors engineering is valuable to modern architecture. I hope her vision will inspire young people to pursue careers in architecture, where user-friendly products and environments can affect our lives greatly.

Another one of Vivien’s notable traits was her humanitarian spirit, which has inspired me to pursue charitable causes. To honor Vivien, her aunt Wenny and I are establishing a foundation in Jakarta to help provide educational opportunities to those who are gifted in arts and/or science but have limited financial resources. The foundation’s mission is to help people develop their artistic talents, primarily in ceramics, porcelain making, and painting.

As I compiled Vivien’s art for this book, I realized it would be impossible to collect 100% of her life’s work, as she gave several original pieces away to friends, which is symbolic of how she touched so many lives in more ways than one. Various descriptions of Vivien’s character and life written by her relatives, friends, and teachers consistently reflect her talents and giving nature. I know that she has left her mark and inspired us to live fully and with a big heart.

I dedicate this book to Vivien. Without her, I never would have realized the true meaning of this life and the importance of helping those who are less fortunate.

Eva (Mum)