Sketchboards and other UX design processes

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Talk about meta: some user experience (UX) designers conducted user research on other UX designers to find out how they do UX design in practice. In short, they concluded that most UX designers eschewed most bits of canonical user centered design methods in the interest of time. Sad, but not unexpected. The article also unearthed common […]

Article: Designing For Android: Tips And Techniques

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A fairly in-depth article on how to design for Android:

Online Usability Testing!

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I just discovered a suite of online usability tests provided by some company called Optimal Workshop. They offer three different types of tests: Online card sorting: participants generate categories for a list of items. Useful for designing information architecture. Tree testing: see how easy (or difficult) it is for participants to find a topic in your […]

Design for Readability

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Design for Readability – UX Booth | UX Booth. A great article on making more readable and attractive layouts on the web. I’m still not happy with the design of my portfolio website, especially the layout of individual posts, so we’ll see what I can do about it.

Interactive Storytelling

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I’m a big fan of the Sims, even though I don’t get to play it often enough. I like the way stories evolve out of seemingly banal gameplay, the flexibility of it. So when I discovered the free iPad version, I was on it immediately. Of course, it, being free, came with advertising. It only […]


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Some sketches I made, for practice and for school projects.

The Inmates are Running the Asylum

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So I just read this classic in interaction design! Yay. I was expecting to read a how-to, so imagine how I felt when I read this in the intro: I intended to write a very different book from this one: a how-to book about the interaction-design process. Instead, in May 1997 on a family visit […]

Parallel Coordinates

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Blog, Design | No Comments Here’s a new data visualization technique I’ve just discovered! It seems like it’ll be especially good for interactive displays.

Android Design Guidelines

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I can’t concentrate. My mind feels like it’s floating away – probably due to the heat and the opiates. So it’s with the utmost effort that I started my plow through the Android Design Guidelines this morning. I now know that 9 patch exists, and how to use it. (It’s a simple way to visually […]

Swype Calligraphy

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And because I’m so overcome with love for Swype right now, let me write a little bit about it. It reminds me of calligraphy. Not many people are aware of this, but I used to do a lot of Chinese calligraphy and painting (link points to a gallery of like, 0.5% of my total output). So when I […]

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