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Some sketches I made, for practice and for school projects.

The Inmates are Running the Asylum

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So I just read this classic in interaction design! Yay. I was expecting to read a how-to, so imagine how I felt when I read this in the intro: I intended to write a very different book from this one: a how-to book about the interaction-design process. Instead, in May 1997 on a family visit […]

Parallel Coordinates

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Blog, Design | No Comments Here’s a new data visualization technique I’ve just discovered! It seems like it’ll be especially good for interactive displays.

Android Design Guidelines

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I can’t concentrate. My mind feels like it’s floating away – probably due to the heat and the opiates. So it’s with the utmost effort that I started my plow through the Android Design Guidelines this morning. I now know that 9 patch exists, and how to use it. (It’s a simple way to visually […]

Swype Calligraphy

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And because I’m so overcome with love for Swype right now, let me write a little bit about it. It reminds me of calligraphy. Not many people are aware of this, but I used to do a lot of Chinese calligraphy and painting (link points to a gallery of like, 0.5% of my total output). So when I […]

Why I got an Android Phone

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Once upon a time I was young and smartphone-less. I was using my uncle’s old Motorola Razr, a replacement for a lost device (swallowed by a deep rain gutter), and I was holding out on this smartphone business. I didn’t want to just get an iPhone; in fact, I knew that I didn’t want an […]


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I sat at my laptop in my aunt’s kitchen. At my side was a freshly brewed cup of Lipton tea, and a small plate of McVities Digestive biscuits, piled in a cylindrical stack. Without looking, I picked up the top piece, broke it in half with one hand, and dipped one half in the steaming […]

USB Typewriter

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Oh goodness gracious me, how quaint and badass. [youtube] You can buy these babies from Etsy at $800 a pop or purchase a kit for 10% of the price! What a steal, I’m sure.

On domain names and hosting

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So one long-term project I’ve been working on is a proper portfolio website. I had wanted this to be it, but it feels a little too… drafty. Draft-like. And I don’t like the fact that I can’t customize my CSS on WordPress without paying.  The best way out that I can think of is to […]

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